Abbey Light Railway

The Official Website of the Abbey Light Railway, Kirkstall, Leeds


Abbey Light Railway Locomotive Fleet list

Click on fleet number or name for more details and pictures of individual locos

Red is for engines awaiting rebuilding

Blue is for engines that can (in theory - Vulcan is restricted) haul passenger trains

Yellow is for showpieces / shunting engines only

 Fleet Number Name  Type / current picture
1  Loweco



 2  Atlas


 3  Odin


 4  Vulcan





6 Druid





 Hudson gogo tractor


 Muir Hill






 Greenbat electric loco

Request a loco

If you have a particular preferance of locomotive, you can request that it be on the passenger train when you visit by e-mailing me at

Please email me at least 6 weeks in advance. Take you pick for the passenger train from:

No 1 Lister Autotruck 'Loweco'

No 2 Hunslet 'Atlas'

No 3 Simplex 'Odin'

No 5 Ruston

No 6 Simplex 'Druid'

You can also request to see and have a demonstaration in the yard of:

No 4 Ruston 'Vulcan'

No 8 Hudson Gogo Tractor

No 11 Baguley

No 12 Greenbat Electric 'George'

All locos are subject to availablitiy (if they are recieveing maintenance, they may not be able to run) but please email me at the above address and we will arrange something.