Abbey Light Railway

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Number 4 'Vulcan'

4.    'Vulcan'     Ruston     44/48 HP     198287     1942

New to Harpur Hill, Buxton; Royal Air Force, Burtonwood; Yorkshire Water Chellow heights and Thornton Moor, Bradford.

Weighing in at eight tons, Vulcan is the heaviest and most powerful member of the fleet. it is fully air braked, is fitted with electric start and headlights, and is in theory able to haul passenger trains, but due to its great weight and the resulting wear on the track, it is not often used. It does have its uses though - when we need something very heavy shifting, Vulcan takes the limelight and seldom fails to get the job done, weather it be moving large lumps of tree that have fallen across the line in high winds, or even dragging the Fordson tractor out of the compound for use in the Gogo tractor these heavy duty tasks are when it pays to have this loco in the fleet. Vulcan was repainted in winter 2008/09 into the Abbey Light Railway standard green livery.